Goodbye London, Or: It’s a New Beginning

Four months ago, when I just arrived in London, I was shy, scared to make friends with others, and also anxious about whether I would enjoy my time here. I remember clearly that I wouldn’t even go out of my room as my social anxiety hindered me from meeting with other people. Now, as my … Continue reading Goodbye London, Or: It’s a New Beginning

三天打鱼两天晒网 – Daniel Halford

I’d never considered living in China before (in my naïve brain a vast and homogenous country of pandas and communism, where all my worldly goods are produced), and if not for the scholarship I will briefly write about in this post, I think I would never have had the chance or the means. In my … Continue reading 三天打鱼两天晒网 – Daniel Halford

Coming Out: The Abroad Edition – Rachel Godfrey

I have always felt uncomfortable about the phrase “coming out” because of the inherent implication about there being a “normal” or “standard” sexuality, while others are regarded as “other” or “strange.” This past summer, I had to wrestle with this concept. I spent a lot of time thinking about my own sexuality. After many conversations … Continue reading Coming Out: The Abroad Edition – Rachel Godfrey

Elizabeth in England – Gilman Scholar

Meet Gilman Scholar Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez. Elizabeth is studying at QMUL under the Gilman Scholarship Programme and is blogging along the way! Here is Elizabeth's fist video blog! Follow Elizabeth's blogging journey on the Gilman Global Experience Blog. Blog Post 1: Meet Gilman Scholar Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez Find out more about the Gilman Scholarship Programme … Continue reading Elizabeth in England – Gilman Scholar