Shanghai; away from the classroom – Holly Pickerell

Whilst my time in Shanghai inevitably revolves around my schooling, a year abroad wouldn’t be complete without some extra-curricular activities. The great privilege of a year abroad is complete immersion in a different city, country and way of life. Whilst I can be taught in the classroom about the ins and outs of the Chinese … Continue reading Shanghai; away from the classroom – Holly Pickerell

Misconceptions about Colombia – Flora Medford

On the build-up to moving to study at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, I encountered every stereotype you could think of when Colombia comes to mind: “Isn’t that really dangerous?”, “You must be looking forward to the hot weather!”, “I hope you know how to dance salsa!”. Whilst these comments came from very well-meaning … Continue reading Misconceptions about Colombia – Flora Medford