My QMUL Review – by Angie

“I have fallen in love with the diversity and the vivid life of London”

This semester abroad has been one of the most enriching and worthwhile experiences that I’ve ever had, and I am so fond of London and of this University for teaching me more things than I can count.

When I flew out of Melbourne, I knew I was going to be living in a beautiful city, meeting interesting people and studying things that I loved. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the chaos that comes with supporting yourself in a new city, when everyone that you know is far away from you, and everything that you know about yourself is challenged. I have met so many fascinating people, learnt so much from passionate teachers, and seen more beautiful and eye-opening things than I would ever have seen if I had stayed in my own city.

I have fallen in love with the diversity and the vivid life of London, and I’ve been able to call this city my home. I’ve lived with eight brilliant students in our on-campus flat, and I’ve been able to call them my family. To my experience here, I owe my growing independence and confidence, and so many valuable lessons that I know will help shape the rest of my life.

When I arrived in London, I soon realized how terrified I was, but my only option was to dive in. Now, I can walk around the city knowing exactly where I am, I can make a week’s worth of meals from a quick Sainsbury’s visit, write an essay on Medieval Islam, easily jump on a train to Paris, know exactly where to buy cheap vintage clothes in Brick Lane, rinse the ink stains out of my ruined laundry, understand cultures I knew nothing about, and call my American or British friends when I’m coming to town for a visit. I’ve spent 8 weeks living at Queen Mary, and I’ve got 4 weeks to go. When the semester finishes, I’m jumping on a train to spend 2 more months travelling Europe.

I know that whatever other obstacles I’m about to face, I’m very lucky to be facing them, and I’m going to make sure that lesson sticks with me.

Angie has now returned to studies at Melbourne University, she was a 2015-2016 BUTEX Scholarship Winner during her time at QMUL and is an English Major. 



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