Small Town Girl Takes Over The Big City [Part 2]

Small Town Girl Takes Over The Big City Part 2.[1]




And we’ll keep it at that.

For now, all that’s important to know is that I’m embarking on this amazing new journey. A journey that I’d like to take you on as I conquer the Big Apple.

I’m an idealist and the bigger picture for me is as simple as it gets: Actress. I want the high-life, the glitz and the glamour. So, as I sit here in my new room within a New York brownstone (yikes!) I’m feeling great, career motivated and ready to take them by storm.(Once I pluck my eyebrows of course. And figure out who ‘them’ is.)

You know when things happen and you just feel like they are meant to be? For instance, getting into Columbia University. My parents very much said (and meant) that if I didn’t get into Columbia, I most probably wouldn’t studying abroad anywhere else. Nope, before you get any ideas they are not controlling ‘you must be an over-achiever’ parents, it was more along the lines that they would be worried about my safety. But the fact that this is an Ivy League School in New York (Theatre Capital) – means I was able to sell it pretty well, so it was hard to say no. So, they put forward this ultimatum and now here I am…

Back to the whole meant to be. Well, my flight over to America started with a bang. We got upgraded and I was like ‘wow high-life here I come’ – literally! The minute a menu with an option of three starters, three mains, and three desserts came through I was gone, dancing on cloud nine. I swear it wasn’t because I got ahead of myself and ordered a Baileys with my salmon instead of desert (yes, the flight attendant made sure to inform me I’d enjoy it more with desert, but I was having none of that). If this luxury is happening during my flight over to America what’s gonna happen whilst I’m there –the very place known to harbour the American Dream?

I’ve been to The States before, but actually living here, that’s another story. First things first, the Metro – Swipe. Swipe again. Swipe too slow. Swipe can’t be read. I look over despairingly at the large man in the blue suit. He opens the gate and lets me through. Phew! Figuring out the tube (Metro) station, has been my first step and I can confidently say I know my way from 5th Avenue to 116th street Broadway.

Yep, that’s right. I live on Broadway! Okay maybe 70 streets apart from the Broadway everyone talks about but I can actually say I live on Broadway, and that’s practically every actors dream come true!


[1] ‘Small Town Girl Takes Over The Big City Part 1’ was about life in London last year… (yet to be written).

[2] *This persona represents an exaggerated version of myself.


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