A (Wednes)day in the life at Scripps

Hello again! When I wrote about readjusting to life at Scripps, I promised to write something about what one of my typical days may look like, and as promised, here it is! My days vary in busyness, but Wednesdays are my busiest, and most varied days class-wise. I feel like walking around the campus here is bigger than walking around the campus at Queen Mary, and things definitely seem further apart. My schedule this semester consists of weeks of two very long days, two very short days, and one Friday of no classes (I know, excellent planning on my part, thank you). Life is always a little hectic as a senior, but my schedule is fairly consistent, and that makes it easier to plan things out. So, without further ado, my Wednesday…

8:20- my alarm clock rings and the day begins. Happy hump day! I eat some cereal in my room for breakfast, check that I have everything I need for my first class in my backpack, grab my ID and water bottle, and a little under an hour later, I’m leaving my room to start my day.

9:35- First class of the day: vertebrate anatomy. This is my last science class requirement for my major, and although we started the first week by dissecting Hagfish, I don’t mind the class too much. I’m struggling with this one a bit, but surviving.  We have lab every Monday for four hours, but it’s a fairly chill lab compared to other ones I’ve had to do. When I took a science module with lab at Queen Mary, I only had 8 hours in total of lab. At the end of this semester, I will have completed many, many more than that. ANYWAY, class goes until 10:50, and it meets twice a week.

11:15- As I mentioned before, class lets out at 10:50, so I have a little time to kill before lunch. Although I go to Scripps, the school is part of a consortium and therefore I have access to all five schools’ dining halls, and Wednesday calls for Farm Bowl at Pitzer. The line is always long, but the salad you get at the end is fabulous, and almost always worth the wait.


13:15- Second class of the day: dramaturgy. I may be a human biology major, but I am also a theatre minor, and the majority of my course-load this semester is directed towards fulfilling those requirements. The theatre department is housed at Pomona, so I have a 10ish minute walk to get to class from Scripps (which is fine, except when it’s hot and then it’s less than ideal). It’s a seminar class and goes until 15:45, as it meets only once a week. There are only eight people in my class so discussion is either very lively, or fairly quiet, but we read a lot of plays each week, which is something I enjoy (and gives me a break from heavy science thesis reading).

15:45- Dramaturgy lets out and I begin the trek (uphill) back to Scripps. I always feel tired after this walk so I’ll occasionally swing by the Motley, our campus coffee shop, and grab something to perk me up. My favorite drink is currently a London Fog (it was a favorite before I went abroad but it seems apt now). I take my drink back to my room and try and get a little rest in before the rest of my day continues. Sometimes I’ll stop by tea in Seal Court. No, not typical English tea (which I miss wholeheartedly), but they do always have good sweets and vegetables. Sometimes I squeeze in some work, but I don’t usually dedicate this time specifically to doing schoolwork in case I need a nap, or just some time to let my brain off the hook.

17:00- Dinner! Again, all the dining halls are open to me, but because I have an evening class, I tend to stick to Scripps on Wednesday nights so I don’t have to rush to class.

19:00- Final class of the day: jazz dance! This is another class towards my theatre minor, but as someone who loves to dance, I don’t mind at all. This class meets twice a week, but it always goes quickly because I’m up and moving. It seems counter intuitive, but this class is a relaxing way to end my day, and gives me something productive in the evening to do. The walk to class is also sometimes accompanied by sunset, which always makes me happy.


20:50- Class finishes and I walk back to my dorm to finish up my day. There are ten dorms on campus, and they’re all beautiful, and full of their own quirks. I live in GJW (called GJ-dub), one of the newer dorms on campus. I live in a single room, with a shared, communal bathroom. Each dorm also has a browsing room, living room, rec room, and kitchen. If I’m feeling up to it, I might make myself a cup of tea, and finish off my evening with some relaxing Netflix (or some last-minute reading for my Thursday class if I get behind).

There you have it! That’s my busiest day of the week (although Monday is a close second). On days when I have fewer classes, I spend some of my downtime at the Motley, or at the gym to work off some stress (obviously, I also spend time doing schoolwork).



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