My First Month Abroad – Nasser Ghaffar

I landed in Heathrow airport in London on Sunday, September 16th. In the time span of one month I have traveled to Paris and Amsterdam, while also traveling around the UK. I have to admit that I was nervous when I decided to spend the semester abroad in the UK. The days leading up to … Continue reading My First Month Abroad – Nasser Ghaffar

The Intercontinental Undergraduate – Ashwin Malik

The forthcoming autumn marks four years since I began my undergraduate journey. As I look forward to joining QMUL as an exchange student, I also have great deal to reminisce about. People are often intrigued by the fact that by this time next year, when I will hopefully turn the tassel, I will have studied … Continue reading The Intercontinental Undergraduate – Ashwin Malik

Exploring Museums – Kelly (Sherrinford) Honegger

I’ve always been interested in the history of medicine and hospitals. My husband puts up with me starting dinner conversations with things like “did you know we fix cataracts pretty much the same way that ancient Egyptians did?” and “apparently they wouldn’t give women anaesthetics when they started using them in Europe, because they were … Continue reading Exploring Museums – Kelly (Sherrinford) Honegger

Small Town Girl Takes Over The Big City [Part 2] – October

  Breathe in...2...3...4...hold...2...3....Exhale...2...3...4... Hold on, I’m just... 2... 3...4... Meditating... 2... 3... 4... Oh boy, it started a month and a bit in and now I’ve turned into some pretentious artist. I’m so far up in the clouds I turn to meditation to ground me. Not very convinced by that statement? Fine. It must be … Continue reading Small Town Girl Takes Over The Big City [Part 2] – October