Snow Day – Shola Lee

I would usually write a post about how I’m getting on with lectures and workload at this point in the semester. However, I, like everyone else I know, have been completed distracted by the snow.

To be blatantly honest, I’m not sure why I chose now to write about the snow; it was snowing for the whole of December in New York and the weathering never phased me. It may be because, as a country, we are so ill-prepared to deal with the harsh conditions. Instead of quickly clearing pathways and ensuring runways are ready for flights, we came to a standstill.

Trains broke down, planes were grounded, bread was seized.

Shola 3

Despite the bread shortages, I enjoyed my few days off. I spent most of my time cosy, inside admiring the powdered landscape and watching Four Weddings and a Funeral for the first time: I ~highly~ recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it already.

Shola 2

While I refused to venture outside during this period- after being bombarded with snow last semester- my siblings enjoyed snowball fights and country walks- hence the beautiful pictures taken by my eldest sister. We live in Kent and though it can be dull compared to London, the ice glossed trees and blanket white fields were something to be admired.

Shola 1

Although I still had deadlines, so I couldn’t fully relax, the time off was well-needed. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of exams, essays, and internship applications that are thrown toward you during this point of the year. So, to be forced to slow down and rest was as refreshing as the freezing conditions outside.

shola 4


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