March – Shola Lee

I’ve finished my second year of QM now and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Well, technically I haven’t finished but I don’t have to come back to campus for classes any more- so in my mind that means I have finished; even though I still have three assignments to go…


It’s sad that this academic year is ending, it has been one of the most exciting and memorable years of my life so far.


When I started QM, I used to think of second year as being like Year 9 in secondary school, a kind of in between where I didn’t have any pressing responsibilities but needed to start thinking about my options. I thought the main event would be third year with graduation and everything that followed, I guess it still could be. I just didn’t expect second year to be comprised of deadlines, departing flights and deciding to live in New York; actually, I expected the deadlines.

Shola 3

I’m looking forward to next year and graduating. But I feel nostalgic, already. I know that I’m going to miss being an undergrad when I leave and I’ve found myself desperately trying to book holidays in an attempt to make the summer break last longer.


First year was a complete blur and I spent the whole time feeling a little out of depth and wishing it would go faster. Now I’m looking at Masters programmes because I don’t feel ready to leave, I don’t want to leave.


That may sound clichéd, but I can’t urge you enough to take every opportunity QM throw at you, even if it seems like one of those spam emails that end up in your second inbox- trust me, it’s worth going for. Apply for everything and anything, make your second-year worth remembering- instead of being that awkward sandwich year you wish would go faster.

If you need any help with your applications I’m always happy to help!


To add to the cheesiness of this post, the photos above are a look back at my second year. I really will miss it.


Instagram: @sholalee




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