Getting to know – Ceri Bevan (Head of GO)

Get to know the Global Opportunities Team and what has inspired us to travel the world and help students to do the same! We also find out why the GO Team love Queen Mary and their top picks to visit in East London.

This week we sat down with our Head of Global Opportunities, Ceri Bevan, to find out what makes his job special, why he thinks everyone should have a study abroad experience and his favourite places in the world…

What’s your role at QMUL?

I’m Head of Global Opportunities, this is the team who manage programmes which allow QMUL students and staff to study, work and travel overseas.  These programmes include Study Abroad, Exchange and Erasmus+. Our team also manage overseas associate students who come to study at QMUL as part of these programmes and our reciprocal arrangements with partners.

What advice would you give to students who want to travel?

Research and budget as much as you can, talk to previous programme participants and/or students who have gone abroad/travelled previously from your home school. If possible attend fairs and events which promote overseas study and travel. Research, research, research and set a realistic budget. Get saving!

What’s your favourite spot in East London?

I love Brick Lane, it is just so colourful and vibrant. It really epitomises what London is like with the meeting of different cultures all concentrated in one neighbourhood.


Why should students choose QMUL?

Aside of course from academically strong subjects and the opportunity to study multiple subjects at the same; the amazing campus and location. The campus is perfectly situated to travel anywhere in London, the UK or the world.

Would you rather work or study abroad? (as a student)

I worked abroad when I was a student, at a summer camp in the state of Maine in the USA. I do regret though that I never studied abroad as that would have been an amazing opportunity. I just wish I knew then what I know how, especially how it can benefit students and the fact you don’t pay tuition to the partner institution. Though of course there are still costs, but it is still a cost effective way to spend an extended period of time abroad. So all this to say, study…

Did you study abroad?

No but I worked in the USA every summer when I was a student at summer camps and travelled around, five summers!

Favourite place you’ve ever travelled to?

Hard one! I’d have to say Canada; Lake Louise in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies

lake louise

Lake Louise

If you could live somewhere else in the world where would it be?

San Francisco, but not forever.

san fran

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

If you could study at one of our partner institutions which would you choose?

Really hard one, I’ve been lucky enough to have visited many of our partners. It would have to be Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. I’d want to study somewhere as different as possible to my own country. I also love the culture and food of Japan.


Check in with us every Thursday for the next interview from the Global Opportunities Team! Want to contact a member of the team? Find us online here.   Want to go abroad with QMUL or come to us for your study abroad experience? Find out more online. 

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