London’s best cinemas for all you broke film-lovers – Delphine Martineau

London is an incredible city, for many reasons, and I am sure we can all agree on that. However it is extremely expensive and can live you crying on the floor after having checked your bank account (what an odd idea, am I right?)… A video has already been made on how to live here on a budget but I thought I’d focus on my film-lover good deals. Going to see films is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, to improve in the language and also to spend time with your friends or on your own, so if there are ways to enjoy that without having to donate a kidney every time it’s pretty cool. Here are my top places to go to for relaxing in front of a good film!

BFI Southbank

My first tip is to head to the BFI Southbank near Waterloo station. It is a complex with a multimedia library, a restaurant and also a cinema. There is a special membership for people aged 16 to 25 that is completely free and allows you to book tickets for £3! You read it correctly only £3, knowing that the normal price is around £10 it is definitely worth looking into it. They have screenings for recently released indie films as well as old classics such as ‘Singing in the rain’ so you’re very likely to find something you’ll want to watch.

The Barbican

The Barbican is a performing arts centre in a very strange neighbourhood that kind of looks like a former soviet union country but that is actually in the heart of London. It also has its own cinema offering a free young Barbican scheme for people aged 14 to 25 getting £5 tickets all week. They have all the lately released films that you can enjoy in very comfortable screening rooms.


Located next to Stepney Green station, only a 15 minute walk from the QMUL campus, this cinema offers off peak tickets during the week for £5.50 only. They also have a whole variety of sweets that you can pick and mix to nibble on while enjoying recently released films. Occasional events are organised such as screenings followed by a discussion with guests on a topic touched on by the film.

Ciné Lumière

This cinema is located in the French Institute of London in the very fancy neighbourhood of South Kensington. Screenings include the latests French film releases but other international films areshown as well such as ‘The Favourite’ recently so even if French cinema does not appeal to you it is worth checking it out. Their free 25 & under scheme grants you access to £5 tickets as long as you are not over 25 !

Curzon cinemas

Curzon is a cinema chain that counts several branches around London and across the UK. Theclosest to campus is located near Aldgate East station but they also have one in Bloomsbury or even Mayfair if you wish to feel fancy for only £6.50 at off peak times thanks to their free studentmembership!
That is all I have for you so now just call your friends or simply take yourself to enjoy the film of your choice in one of these super cool cinemas without damaging your b


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