The Little Things – Lelosa Aimufua

When I first got to London I hated it. It was gray, super busy, and no one really seemed to talk to each other. I was crazy jet-lagged, and spent the first two weeks in bed napping or trying to gather enough motivation to do my homework. I struggled to make friends, and I was so lonely.

But now it’s springtime, and a lot has changed. I can easily see myself living in London in the future, and I’m so sad that I only have a couple months left here. I finally think I found my footing, found comfort in something that once felt so foreign and strange. While sitting on a long tube ride back to school after exploring, I realized part of what makes London great is the little things. So here’s a List of the 30 Things that give me little joys while studying abroad in London.

  1. When there’s a bunch of empty seats on the Central line.
  2. When I see a baby in the grocery store.
  3. When someone smiles at me on the tube.
  4. When I wake up and the sun is streaming through my window.
  5. Quiet walks along the canal.
  6. Thai food from a stall in Camden.
  7. Making breakfast in the morning before my flatmates are up.
  8. Seeing someone I recognize while walking to class and them stopping to say hello.
  9. When I hear Titanium on a night out
  10. Knowing that my Oyster card is topped up.
  11. Reading a book on long subway journeys.
  12. Drinking tea after a long day in class.
  13. The feeling after a workout that I didn’t want to do.
  14. Reading the notes my friends left me.
  15. When my sisters randomly FaceTime me.
  16. The daffodils that line up the path on the way to my room.
  17. The Starbucks down the street from campus.
  18. Writing a plan down on my calendar.
  19. The Pizza Room on Mile End.
  20. A Cadbury chocolate bar for dessert.
  21. Running into my chatty flat mates in the kitchen.
  22. Cleaning my room.
  23. Giving someone accurate directions.
  24. When the weather app says it’s going to rain and it doesn’t.
  25. Every time I get to see a new show.
  26. Emails about events going on around campus.
  27. The daffodils near Maurice Court.
  28. Picnics by the Canal when the weather’s nice.
  29. My professor’s self-deprecating jokes.
  30. English accents, of course.

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