Getting to know: Chloe (Global Opportunities Assistant)

Get to know the Global Opportunities Team and what has inspired us to travel the world and help students to do the same! We also find out why the GO Team love Queen Mary and their top picks to visit in East London.

This week it’s Chloe, our Global Opportunities Assistant!

What’s your name and role at QMUL?

I’m Chloe and I am the Global Opportunities Assistant at Queen Mary. I work primarily on the Queen Mary Summer School, welcoming international students to the Queen Mary campus each July.

Have you ever studied/worked abroad?

I turned down the opportunity to study abroad as an undergraduate because I didn’t feel quite ready – moving from Wales to London felt like a big enough leap at the time! However, I made the most of being in London and took every opportunity to travel to Europe. I have also been incredibly lucky to attend two Erasmus+ staff weeks in Oulu, Finland and Jerusalem, Israel. Being able to learn about the local culture in this way gave me a truly unique experience, so much more immersive than just being a tourist.

So we’ve heard you’re keen on History: is there a place in London you recommend for fellow Historians?

I love the exhibitions at the Wellcome Collection! Their primary focus is the relationship between medicine and art but it’s great to be able to explore history in such an interdisciplinary way. My favourite London tourist spot is the Tower of London – there’s so much there to unravel! I also love the British Library, not least because their reading rooms are one of the only study spaces in London to have air conditioning.

Your packing your suitcase for a summer school you’ve booked onto: what’s the first and last thing you throw in your case?

The first thing I would concentrate on is clothing – I don’t think there’s anything more stressful when it comes to packing than deciding what clothes to take! You have to consider the climate of the country you’re going to and the kinds of activities you’re going to be getting up to. Lastly, I would throw in a Lonely Planet pocket book – it’s always handy to get a broad overview of the city that is going to be your home for a few weeks before you arrive.

Which summer school course would you do and why?

Issues and Debates in International Relations, without a doubt! I’m about to start my master’s degree in Geopolitics, so I’m super interested in international conflict and co-operation as well as ideas of nation and nationality. Perspectives on this discipline vary so wildly between countries, so you will be learning from the insights of your international classmates as well as your teacher.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?

The dream is to live in a gorgeous villa in the South of France, where I could swim in the Mediterranean every day and improve on my wonky French.

What’s your favourite spot on the Queen Mary campus?

Probably the canal – it is such a pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by (sunshine permitting).

What do you miss the most when you’re away from London?

The transport system! I rely way too heavily on the fact there’s a train or bus every couple of minutes. When I go home to Wales it comes as a big shock to the system every time I have to wait an hour for a train!

What’s your favourite/least favourite British delicacy?

My favourite British delicacy is a classic roast dinner with the whole family – there’s nothing better than your nan’s gravy! I’ve never tried them but on looks alone I have to nominate jellied eels as the worst British dish ever.

What are the perks of studying abroad in the summer?

During the summer you get to see the best side of a city. The sun is shining, the people are happy, and there’s so much to do.


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