One Month in. One month of memories. By Xiaodan Ning.

I have been here for one month now. Still feel down about the wet days and expensive public transport sometimes, but I have started to see the loveliness of this city. London has done a really good job at providing space for people to spend their leisure time and learn about its history and culture. There are so many museums with themes ranging from war to trade, from portraits of important people to children’s games. I find it interesting that the museums here have certain elements within them that are designed to encourage visitor participation and interaction.

Another piece of good news is that our group has more members! My friends and I have made some new friends by inviting them to cook with us! Our new friends come from Korea, Canada, American and Oxford!

Every weekend we plan to go out to explore interesting places and corners of this city. Not all our plans can be carried out due to rain (thanks, Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis) or other reasons (our Brick Lane plan has been postponed twice). But, anyway, there are still lots of interesting things to do in the rain, and here’s the evidence from a few of our photo shoots!

Some of my London memories one month in. London from the viewing platform at Tate Modern. My friend standing beside the river that flows by our campus on a good, rare, sunny day. In front of the Museum of London Docklands – the wind blew hard that day and this big goose was pushed to rush towards us on the water, flapping its wings. Three friends and I went to ride bicycles last Friday at Lee Valley Velopark in Stratford. This was an amazing (free!) opportunity provided by Queen Mary Student Union and advertised to us by the Global Opportunities Office! We got bikes and helmets there for free. Wonderful experience!


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