Blog 4 – Jaz Manville

Columbia Gay Street Club Cumming Our wobbly stove Harlem brownstones Milkshakes from Tom’s Washington Square Park 4am grilled cheese from JJ’s Skylines - all of them - always Broadway theatre seating plans Being confused by cheerleaders Fayeweather’s juddering elevator Sliding across plastic subway seats Teaching my roommate to cook pasta The wind tunnel along the … Continue reading Blog 4 – Jaz Manville

Fall – Jaz Manville

I fall Caryl Churchill is too good at this. I no longer have to imagine the bullet that shatters the back of my skull at Sound Queue 7, by performance three I have to imagine the Starbucks upstairs to remind myself that the unseen gun is disarmed and my fall is chosen. Enacting death. ‘Heart’s … Continue reading Fall – Jaz Manville