Blog 4 – Jaz Manville


Gay Street

Club Cumming

Our wobbly stove

Harlem brownstones

Milkshakes from Tom’s

Washington Square Park

4am grilled cheese from JJ’s

Skylines – all of them – always

Broadway theatre seating plans

Being confused by cheerleaders

Fayeweather’s juddering elevator

Sliding across plastic subway seats

Teaching my roommate to cook pasta

The wind tunnel along the Lowe Library

Lovely security guards on the front desk

Snow becoming an everyday occurrence

Sitting on our fire escape blaring Jesca Hoop

The chatter climbing the seven floors of Hamilton Hall

Never knowing what will be rehearsing next in the Lerner lobby

Becoming unsurprised by stained glass windows in Reading Rooms

Still having no idea how the junction on Christopher Street and 7th Ave operates

Apologising silently to the firefighters called to our building for the second time this week

The quiet desperation and almost unending possibility of the Butler Library Stacks

Watching the Frat parties opposite tumble down their stairs

Tripping on the final step coming out of 72nd St Station

The two minute pie making silence in Heart’s Desire

Avoiding stress culture until I can’t anymore

My balcony seat in the Reference Library

Columbia University branded everything

Subway steam through sidewalk vents

Trying to afford brunch in the Village

The neon warmth of all night diners

Delivery men on electric bicycles

Not taking the stairs in Watt Hall

Orientation week free lip balm

The Glicker-Milstein Theatre

Samosas from 110th Street

My roommate’s singing

Lavender Bubble Tea

Bethesda Fountain

Directing opera

1 train delays

Blue bins



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