The Intercontinental Undergraduate – Ashwin Malik

The forthcoming autumn marks four years since I began my undergraduate journey.
As I look forward to joining QMUL as an exchange student, I also have great deal to
reminisce about. People are often intrigued by the fact that by this time next year, when I will hopefully turn the tassel, I will have studied three dissimilar disciplines in in three continents, all packed into an invigorating 5-year undergraduate journey! Nevertheless, there are people who choose to cast their aspersions, people who concoct absurd theories about why I decided to terminate my pursuit of an engineering degree in the USA and come back to India to pursue a degree in liberal arts. I learned a great deal during my time in the states, however, I believe that I only discovered my penchant for the language and for writing as I embarked on the journey of studying liberal arts.

London would perhaps be the final international city that I will stay in for an
undergraduate academic purpose. I consider myself very lucky to have experienced the
metaphorical student life in three different cities thus far and to say that I was ecstatic upon receiving my acceptance at QMUL would be an understatement. Having visited London as a tourist several times in the past, I perhaps will not experience the early nerves of settling into a new city. Having some international student experience under my belt will hopefully come in handy during my initial days at QMUL!

The short time period of about three months is all that I would have in the enchanting
city of London and therefore I look forward to optimize my time management skills in order to make the most out of my stay. Besides being engrossed in the coursework at the School of Geography, I foresee myself partaking in the several extra-curricular writing opportunities available on campus, one of which is this captivating international student blog! Moreover, I endeavor to traverse the idyllic European countryside as well as experience some famed euphoric cities, namely Berlin and Amsterdam!

Apart from delving into writing and travelling, I also wish to explore some potential future employment opportunities in and around London. Apart from the aforementioned and most of all, I look forward to an enthralling learning experience that would most certainly play a pivotal role in whatever career I choose to take up post the completion of my degree. Come what may, I am certain that London has in store for me an abundance of exhilarating experiences that I eagerly await
to embrace!



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