Where are they now?

Want to know what happens after study abroad?

What is it like going back to your home school after spending a semester or year at Queen Mary University of London? How does studying abroad help you in your career?

Read our alumni ‘Q and A – Where are they now?’ to find out what they gained from studying abroad and what they thought of QMUL.


Ariana – QMUL and Boston College Alumnus 

 “…British and American educational systems are very, very different even though we speak the same language”



Ariana Joharjian



When did you study at QMUL?

Fall 2014

Name of home school

Boston College

When do/did you graduate?




What made you choose to study abroad?

I had always envisioned studying abroad as part of the university experience

Why did you choose London and QMUL?

I loved the campus environment within London

Favourite memory of studying abroad?

Planting poppies at the Tower of London with QMUL Volunteering

How did you find going back to study at home after your study abroad experience?

Surprisingly easier than expected because of my friends and flatmates

Current Job/Planned for after graduation?

Converse World Headquarters



Do you think studying abroad helped you to find a graduate position?

It surely helped me bond with people! I met a QMUL at work, and we exchanged

Would you like to live/work in London again?


Dream location to live in London?

Walking distance to Brick Lane

Favourite London hangout?

Weekend markets

Favourite thing about QMUL?


One thing you learnt from studying abroad?

That British and American educational systems are very, very different even though we speak the same language

One thing you wish you’d known before coming to QMUL?

That Primark has everything you could ever need one tube stop away

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