Why I chose to study in Hong Kong – by Maame

Name: Maame Serwaah

Degree: BA Politics

Destination: Hong Kong

When: 2016/17

Institution name: The University of Hong Kong

Why did you choose to study abroad?

 The main reason I wish to study abroad is to develop a greater sense of independence and self-reliance. Being brought up in London, I have always been dependent on my parents and comfortable in my culture. Therefore, this opportunity will spur me to adopt a new and better degree of independence. It will challenge me to not only practice independence at a greater level, but also develop my cross-cultural competency. Additionally, the involvement of an International Exchange Programme will permit me to learn more things about myself that I was not previously aware of and expand my worldview. My ability to adapt to a different culture will be tested, as well as my capability to problem solve on a daily basis. By enhancing these skills, I will be at an advantage when I employ my new found skills in my everyday life and when it is time to start my career.

Furthermore, the International Exchange Programme will allow me to experience an entirely new way of teaching and studying, by exploring a different side of my major that I am not exposed to back in the United Kingdom. Having the chance to adjust into a different system of education will be a great foundation to genuinely understand the new people I would meet, the country’s traditions and its beautiful culture. By exposing myself to Hong Kong’s way of teaching, I will be able to form a conclusion on successful learning styles, based on how the content of my chosen modules is delivered. Though the idea of stepping into a new education system may seem daunting to others, it will empower me to be open minded to new ways of studying and will help me develop efficient learning styles which will be beneficial not only for my educational life but also for my future career.

Academically, this experience will allow me to explore Politics on an international level in greater depth, whilst inspiring me to consider the world in a new way. This opportunity will also enrich my academic skills including my oral and written proficiencies and my analytical, critical thinking, and research abilities. These skills are transferable and looked on favourably by notable employers, therefore, this opportunity will not only help me in the short term, but will be of great benefit in the long run.

On the social side, I see this opportunity as an extended holiday, therefore I am certain that I will enjoy it all.


What you are most excited about?

I am most excited about gaining a deeper sense of independence and exploring a culture which is in contrast to my own.


Maame is a current QMUL student who will be taking part in the International Exchange Programme in 2016/17. She will be studying abroad at The University of Hong Kong and is studying BA Politics.


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