Studying abroad in Pennsylvania – Fahima

Name: Fahima 

Degree: BSc Economics

Visiting University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States, Academic Year 2016/17

Studying abroad is the best way to learn about a different country, its culture and people. Receiving the opportunity to study in the United States will allow me to grow as an individual, to become more independent and to learn essential life skills, such as budgeting and cooking. It will strengthen my ability to become self-reliant and will allow me to experience a different side of being a student, as I will be in a different cultural environment and living away from home.

By having the opportunity to attend UPenn, I am able to study courses that are not offered by Queen Mary. During my second year I get to choose two of my modules, which allows me to tailor my degree to my interests. This has given me the flexibility to learn more about the American economy and history as I will be studying American Capitalism as a module. Learning from professors who belong to different schools of Economic thinking, i.e. Keynesian, classical, Marxists etc., will improve my analytical and evaluative skills, which will help me for future essays and exams. It will also help me to form my own economic and political views.

Studying abroad will enhance my cultural awareness and help me to decide on what I want to do in the future, and where I want to do it. In addition to all the amazing experiences opened to me, it will strengthen my employability and will help me to stand out against other applicants for when I finish university.

The thing I am most excited about is experiencing the American university culture. America is known for being lavish, and this is no different in their educational experience. Although I am very excited to learn and improve the quality of my education, I am equally excited to experience the social aspect, from attending college football matches to learning about sororities and what it is to be American.

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