The Return – by Ariana

I boarded the Piccadilly Line out of Heathrow on New Year’s Eve and headed east into central London. Over a year ago, I took this ride away from Queen Mary and remember the route through the blurry vision of my teary eyes. This time, I took in my surroundings while sitting on my luggage, and it felt as though I never left. The movement from Piccadilly to Central line felt intuitive, and hearing “This is Mile End” on my way east felt as familiar as if I’d heard it a day before. Everything remained as I had left it. Thanks to WhatsApp and iMessages, my flatmates from Maynard remained as I had left them, too. The most comforting similarity, however, came from visiting Queen Mary a week later. I entered Ground, ordered the same drink I always used to order, and sat at a high table by the windows. It felt like an afternoon from the previous school year. My Nutella cappuccino was always a simple pleasure, but being able to drink it again made it all the more enjoyable. The ability to fall into step with my old routine made it feel as though no time had passed. I had my old drink, I rode my old tube routes, and I visited my old friends. I fell back into step with the pulse of the city as if it were my own. As fluid and dynamic London is, it welcomed me back.


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