Small Town Girl Takes Over The Big City [Part 3]

Lights up. A hit to the face from my right. Attempt to escape. No -a hit from the left- I fall to the ground. Attempt to get up but they’ve zoned in on me. One last hit and I’m on the ground… 

And scene. 

That was my second Broadway debut as an alien in a Western space musical, ‘Written in the Stars’, and I feel I’ve achieved what I set out to do this semester. 

Talking of Broadway, this month has been full of performances. I saw a ballet production of ‘The Red Shoes’ which was absolutely fantastic. And on another note, I experienced a new kind of show I hadn’t seen before at the New York Botanical gardens -a Christmas train show! I get reminded of how amazing it is to be learning and performing amongst artists in one of the greatest performance cities! 


I made it to ‘Inside the Actors Studio’! Well, somewhat. I was given the opportunity to be part a part of the audience for the shooting of the show with guest star actor Ted Danson. Okay, okay, I may not have been literally in it, but I couldn’t help falling for the idea of me being up there, explaining my acting career… including how I did all this in New York.  

My vision begins to blur and the twinkling of lights fill my vision. Wow is this real? Is my name up in lights? Or is this a Yankees stadium deja-vu situation? No. It’s Columbia’s annual Tree Lighting ceremony and the dazzling lights are exciting me. Someday… Someday soon…

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