Food Visuals in Manchester – Annabel Shi Min Pang

From the previous post, it is no secret that I am a big fan of food. During the weekend, I left for Manchester with my buddy in search for more tantalizing, mouth-watering experiences. Although the city has a rich industrial heritage, this has not dulled their culinary sense in any way. Neither did the bloody cold.


First things first, we have (arguably) the most important meal of the day,

B R E A K F A S T:


Linda’s Pantry may be small and inconspicuous but their meals are definitely worth the hype. For just £4.50 each, we had a simple but filling Full English Breakfast.

Next on the hall of fame, we have Trof’s Sunday Roast:


The tender beef slow-cooked to perfection with fluffy Yorkshire pudding and a drizzle of the divine sauce was an excellent match, simply to die for! This was my very first encounter with Sunday Roast and I expect many more to come after the delightful experience.

Being ardent cheese-lovers, we had to try the Northern Soul Grilled Cheese Sandwich that was widely raved about online. The pictures may not seem much but they were so generous with the cheese that it would overflow with each bite. To be blunt, it was really just ordinary toasted cheese sandwich. It would have been better if the sandwich wasn’t so one-dimensional. They had ketchup and barbeque sauces available though.


Another place we checked out was Curry Mile which refers to the stretch of restaurants specialising in Middle Eastern cuisines along Wilmslow Road. Out of the many eateries, we picked Jaffa Restaurant which had great reviews. True enough, the food was good and very interesting. We had the chicken shawarma and small vegetable mix to share. It was sour, sweet, salty and spicy all at once – a complex taste, nothing I’ve ever had before. However, it wasn’t unpleasant and it did leave me very happily confused.


As days are short and nights are long in Manchester (and everywhere else in the UK at this time of the year), we spent most of the night in an adorable diner – Home Sweet Home. As its name suggests, the diner has a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. We tried 3 desserts here but we finished the milkshake even before there was time to think otherwise, like maybe snap a picture. Instead, in its full glory, we have the Nutella waffle with berries and vanilla ice-cream as well as the blueberry muffin cake.


O Manchester, what a feast for the eyes!

Also, big thanks to my buddy for the photos and most importantly, her love and support:


Annabel is an English major from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She is studying at Queen Mary on the International Exchange Programme. 

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