The Wonders of Australia

Jason Loh is a final year Economics, Finance and Management student and Turing Scheme grant recipient from the School of Economics and Finance, studying abroad at the University of Sydney for a year. Want to know how studying abroad in Sydney has changed my life and how it can change yours? Read down below for my study abroad experience and ways you can maximise your experience in Sydney.

Studying abroad could be the best moment of your life; living in another country changes you completely: it forces you to go out of your comfort zone, to go beyond and explore a new culture, food, cities … a new way of life.

I chose to study abroad at The University of Sydney as it was a distant place I had never been before and was as far away as possible from my home in the UK. By doing so, I was surprised by the diversity, culture, and foods that Sydney had to offer. From discovering new foods to activities such as surfing and sandboarding and, of course, the unique wildlife Australia has to offer.

Studying at The University of Sydney has exposed me to a plethora of new different subject disciplines that I was not able to study normally at Queen Mary University of London, for example, I was able to study Introduction to Strength and Conditioning, Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport and a unique Interdisciplinary Community Project Unit (ICPU) -Cochlear: Improving Access to Healthcare Services using Digital Technologies.

The ICPU allowed me to work with a diverse group of individuals and with Cochlear (hearing implant company) to solve complex problems the company faced. This has given me experience working with a diverse group of people in a corporate environment. This has given me vital teamworking skills and an increased global cultural awareness.

Besides the new academic and corporate opportunities, there are so many places to explore in Sydney, such as the Sydney Opera House, Chinatown in Burwood, and the secluded Shelly Beach.

Sydney has an exhaustive list of activities one can do: you will never get tired. Sydney is an early city where cafes normally close early at 3 pm and can get dark around 5 pm during winter. To maximise your time in Sydney. I would recommend waking up early, as early as 6am in the morning to catch the sunrise.

If Sydney tires you out, there are many other places in Australia to explore during your mid-semester break. Why not enjoy a cocktail at a fabulous rooftop bar overlooking the city of Melbourne, and visit a 3000 square metres of immersive art showcase? Or visit the Gold Coast, an entire city built on a massive stretch of coast.

Studying abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia provides endless opportunities for you to indulge in and you can never grow tired. It promotes a healthy, active lifestyle that we have all been craving for and one you will undoubtedly fall in love with, enchanted by its magnificent sunsets. I wholeheartedly recommend studying abroad, and you will relish and treasure every second of it.


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